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About us

ASTA Group consists of two companies:

- ASTA TRADE export-import doo

ASTA TRADE export-import doo was founded in Belgrade, in 1990. The founders of the company are Tomislav, Sonja and Tatjana Aleksić.

Since the beginning, the company has been conceived as a family company. Our goal was to work together and improve each other’s lives with good will. Family is a symbol of tradition and honesty, and our company has still retained those qualities. The company has twelve employees. Together with our partners, they are all members of one big family.

The registered activities of ASTA TRADE Company are production, export, import, wholesale and catering.

ASTA Company, Belgrade, was founded in 1993, as a daughter company of ASTA TRADE. The owners of ASTA Company are Tatjana, Sonja and Tomislav Aleksić.