Tomina rakija
Tomina rakija

Podrum Aleksic, in the small village of Toljevac, dates back to 1876. The processing of fruits, production of rakija and wine was done by my grandpa Nikodije, and then continued by my father Dusan.

For more than 25 years Dusan was the head in the farming cooperative in Toljevac. His expertise and job was to buy fruits, forest products and to process grapes and other fruits into wine and rakija, which was then sold all around Yugoslavia.

The wealthy experience and knowledge he gained from his work, he then applied to his home. The cellar was large, equipped with oak barrels from 100 to 5000 liters, and other equipment which is needed to manufacture alcoholic drinks. Dusan’s rakija and wine are enjoyed and appreciated in Toljevac and amongst the lovers of good alcohol throughout the country.

Listening to Dusan’s advice we figured out what is the most important aspect in getting the top quality:

  • fruit that is technologically ripe, picked,
  • split from its seeds,
  • clean dishes,
  • a good boiler for creating the rakija and,
  • a resting period of 3 to 5 years after creation

In 2002 my wife and I continued the production of wine and rakija for our friends and our relaxation. This is how Tomina Rakija came to be.

So far we have produced wine and fruit rakija from the finest quality fruits from the best harvests.

The production of rakija  was registered in 2004 under the family private company “ASTATRADE” doo Beograd. Since we have produced 10 types of fruit rakija’s from 2002 till 2012in an amount which we could not drink, we decided to offer Tomina Rakija to the masses to allow the lovers of good alcohol to enjoy it’s splendors.

Tomislav Aleksić

Tomina rakija

Rakija Tomina šljivovicaŠljivovica 45% v/v

Produced from plum, from chosen fruits and technologically completely ripe, without seeds.


Rakija Tomina kajsiovačaKajsiovača 40% v/v

Produced from an old aromatic apricot, from chosen fruit and technologically ripe, without seeds

Rakija Tomina vilijamovkaVilijamovka 40% v/v

Produced from peaches which have undergone 4-6 weeks of ripening at temperatures of 4-8°C.


Rakija Tomina lozovacaLozovača 45% v/v

Produced from grapes of different sorts from the area of Krusevac, technologically ripe and chosen fruits. For this type of rakija the wine has not been let to flow.

Rakija Tomina komovicaKomovica 45% v/v

Produced from different sorts of grapes from the area of Krusevac, technologically ripe fruits. This type of rakija sits, after production, in oak barrells.

Rakija Tomina jabukovačaJabukovača 40% v/v

Produced from various sorts of apples, healthy and completely ripe fruits.

The destillation of fruit rakijas has been done in a completely traditional way.

Tomina Rakija distrubuter is the ITM group, tel: 011 3107, 2274 073